Current and Potential Working Areas of TSDC:

Thematic Areas:

Health; Education; Women empowerment; Skill development; Social justice; Gender Equality; Livelihood development; Environment development; Disaster Management; Sustainability.

Broad Functional Areas:

·Gender Issues and  Social development · Legal aid support (violence against women, Early Marriage, Dowry ) · Women empowerment through Employment and Income Generation · Health Awareness through training · Elderly and Child care · Medical Cam and primary Health care(Provide Direct Health Service) · Climate change and Environment Development (Tree plantation, Solar) · Disaster Management (Disaster preparedness training) · Education program (Non-formal education, preprimary) ·Vocational and Technical(Skill Development Training for IGA) · Financial Support for Income Generation · Financial Literacy.

Achievements of TSDC [Period FY 2017-2018 & 2018-2019]:

At present TSDC is working in Dhaka district, and has attained several marks during 2017-2019. The key achievements are as follows:

Health Services: TSDC organized a free medical camp for the poor and ultra-poor sections of the society in some project areas. It organized four (4) medical camps that served 646 people. The services include primary health checkup i.e. blood pressure, diabetic checkup, and malnutrition find out through MUAC tape, treatment of SAME & MAM patient.

Family Planning & Health Education Training: TSDC arranged an awareness training program for 443 women and distributed family planning materials. Total 8 training sessions about health education (awareness on primary health care) were conducted with the collaboration of selected NGOs targeting prevention child marriage and awareness development among parents and family members; awareness against dowry; education on adolescent health care.

Women Empowerment Awareness and Training Programs: TSDC organized several programs and training on equity and women empowerment involving women in the income-generating activities so that they can safeguard themselves and their families to contribute to society.

Education Program: TSDC organized the Non-Formal Education training program and trained 120 men and women. Trained are now able to recognize the Bangla alphabet and all are able to write their names (signature).

Trayee Happy School: TSDC is working with street children with the objective of rehabilitating these children and allowing them to grow within an enabling environment where they can unleash their latent social energy and exhibit their potentials and creativity. It is implementing the programs under the project entitled ‘Trayee Happy School Program for Most Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Street Children’ in Dhaka district. Over 50 distressed children, slum dwellers, and the ultra-poor children are participating in the Trayee Happy School. Under this project, children are being provided with basic education up to secondary school and concurrently provided with trade-based skill training followed by job placement, self-employment support, rehabilitation, and social integration.

Skill Development (IGA) Training Program: TSDC has collaboration with different Computer training institutions, tailoring shop, technical training institution, and women motor driving institution. We have an arrangement with them to provide training at a lower cost in the following sector. It offered computer training, with Software and Hardware development, Network division, and Internet knowledge to 30 young boys and girls; tailoring Training to 28 girls; motor driving training to 3 girls. TSDC conducted training on a poultry farm and animal husbandry and trained 55 women. In addition, 55 women were trained under the ‘Nursery Development Program’ in the yard area and home side.

Income Generating Activities: TSDC was engaged in supporting income-generating activities involving women for preparing handy crafts, baby and ladies dress, Kurti, sarees, different fancy products and connect them as suppliers with different showrooms and brand shops to support product sales. Certain training programs were to prepare jute and jute goods i.e. Bag, tiffin bag, fashionable ladies bag, shopping bag, shoes, flower, toys, and many other household items and connect them as suppliers with different showrooms and brand shops.

Climate Change and Awareness Development Program: TSDC undertake Tree Plantation in the project area that includes distribution of 2500 fruits, medicinal plants, and timber woods. It organized 4 awareness training sessions and trained 120 men and women on environmental pollution health issues and a sustainable environment. TSDC also distributed environment-friendly “Improved cooking stove (ICS)’ among 120 participants and trained them on the preparation /manufacturing of ICS.

Emergency Relief Activities: TSDC distributed 2000 packets of food contained flattened rice, sugar, bread, biscuit, powder milk, and drinking water amongst Myanmar nationals who came into Ukhya and Teknufupazila areas of Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh.

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