Major Focus working area…

Health Services activities:

  • To  undertake  and  carry  on  welfare  activities  strictly  on  non-profit basis  for benevolent, humanitarian and charitable purposes.
  • To save human life and health for expand life expectancy.
  • To render possible health service to the poor class of people in the peripheral level through primary health care.
  • To provide tube-well for safe drinking and Arsenic free water facilities to the beneficiaries for prevention of water borne disease.
  • To provide latrine facilities to the target beneficiaries through Sanitation project.
  • To render child and mother health services.
  • To help render nutrition program for success.
  • To   render   all   possible   services   in   national   calamities,   epidemics,   disaster& humanitarian services.
  • To render possible medical service by health trainees of the Society.
  • To render possible of LMAF Medical Assistant training program (Obtaining prior permission from the Dept of Health).

Family Planning Activities:

  • To make awareness on family planning and to control population.
  • To help government activities for distribution of family planning materials.

Development of Environment Program:

  • To achieve healthy life, smoking, addiction of wine and drugs should be strictly prohibited for sale and its prevention works must be ensured.
  • To protect environmental pollution natural environment and its awareness program should be continued.
  • To arrange and create society development, research relating section, library for reading, publication, seminar and culturing debate.
  • To undertake relief rehabilitation activities in natural disaster.

Educational Program:

  • Non-Formal Education Program.
  • Mass Education Program.
  • Adolescent health care and Reproductive training Program.
  • Compulsory Primary Education Program.
  • Modern Child and adult education Arrangement (Kindergarten).
  • To change and enhance the aim of society through giving necessary assistance.

Health Education Training Activities:

  • Health education training activities will be adopted for health awareness in the grass root level in the village for poor people.
  • The following health education program will be taken with the collaboration of Civil Surgeon or Upzila Health & Family Planning Officer or Senior Health Officer or any Medical Officer (Subject to the Prior permission from the Ministry of Health).

Women Development Program: 

  • To ensure mothers welfare, safe pregnancy and their safe delivery program.
  • To organize shelter services for helpless and poor women.
  • Involving women in the income generating activities so that they can safeguard themselves as well as contribute to the society.
  • Gender equality and empowerment of women.

Children Development Program:

  • To ensure health of children both physically and mentally through nutrition, environmental sanitation and diseases prevention by health education program.
  • Parent less and shelter less boys and girls will be accommodated through shelter, health services and primary “health care training program.

Multi –Lateral Technical Training Program:

  • Computer training, with Software and Hardware development, Networking and Internet knowledge.
  • Tailoring technology- training program.
  • Motor driving training program.
  • To construct poultry farm an animal husbandry program.
  • Nursery development program.
  • Agriculture development program.
  • Fish cultivation maybe cultured to used and filled up ponds by taking lease.

Poor and Disable Rehabilitation Program:

  • Distressed  and  mental  disable  men,  women  and  children  to  be  organized  and rehabilitated through rehabilitation program.
  • Among the poorest and shelters orphans to be ensured.

Income Generation Program:

  • Involving women in the income generating activities like handy crafts i.e. baby and ladies dress, kurti, sarees and different fancy products and connect them as a supplier with different show rooms and brand shops to ensure their sell.
  • Preparing jute and jute goods i.e. Bag, tiffin bag, fashionable ladies bag, shopping bag, shoes, flower, toys and many other house hold items and connect them as a supplier with different show rooms and brand shops to ensure their sell.

Cultural Program:

  • Native culture, tradition to be reorganized throughout historical event of culture in various aspect of work plan program.
  • To success the aim of the organization,  prospectus of work plan, posters, flip chart, signboards, periodicals, books, Magazines and reports to printed and published.
  • Branches of this organization to be extended within Bangladesh and deep relation with other organizations of the world to be communicated, for networking.

To Plant Implement Human Resource Development Activities:

  • Promote community and human development through consciousness and social action.
  • Support income and employment generation activities.
  • To  develop  and  administer the  society,  society  groups,  programs,  projects and activities through development of management capabilities and increase awareness of gender issues and main means for opportunities for both women and to achieve their potential for sustainable human, social and economic development.
  • To help improving access to resource for the poor and provide institutional and other physically vulnerable, mentally retarded and other distressed people.
  • To make people aware of their own problems and create in them such sprite as would enable them to look after, take care of and solved their own problems.

To undertake or promote research activities on various aspects of   development.
To establish or support training center and arrange training programs to grant stipends, scholarships, fellowship, to sponsor or organize seminars, workshops, symposium, conferences and publish reports.
To assist establishment of village based co-operative in the said areas for carrying out the objectives of Society.
To establish and maintain libraries and information services to facilities.

To accept donations, gifts, contributions or lawful subscription towards promoting and maintaining the objectives of the society and to create and provide funds and to invest and apply the same as when the society may then it expedient for carrying out any of its approval under Foreign donation (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Ordinance 1978 and the concern laws time to time framed for the purpose.

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