The objects for which the society is established one all or may any of the following:

  1. To encourage people, who have innovative ideas in the field of development and to allow opportunities for them to test out their ideas to promote models of development in the country, the society will also take necessary steps to implement the sustainable models to a larger scale application.
  2. To establish, run and support research institutions, laboratories, technical training centers with technology, health education training centers with Modern health Physicians and schools, grant stipends, scholarships for training abroad and to do all such other things as may be calculated to benefit the society.
  3. Charitable Hospital, Para-medical institute, Nursing institute, Bio-medical Laboratory, Vocational institute will set up in Bangladesh individually of jointly in collaboration with this society as per government rules and principals with the help of native or foreign organization.
  4. Executive committee will continue the following activities for the sake of development of the society, which may be adoptive to run the project, which is accepted. 

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