Background of the Organization (TSDC):

As a non-govt. and non-profit Voluntary development organization, Trayee Social Development Centre (TSDC) was established in 16 December 2008 with a view to bring change about the overall condition of rural poor particularly neglected womenfolk. Developing socio-economic condition of local area, few young, energetic, and committed persons both man and women came forward with their limited resources and initiated TSDC.  TSDC’s field operation had been launched effectively at grass root level in 2009 on voluntary basis to serve the poor and ultra-poor section of the society. To improve the livelihood of the grass root level people of the country, especially the deprived women, suffering from various social injustice and inequality. Initiating in Dhaka Division, TSDC targets to expand its operation all over the Bangladesh. The mission of the organization is to establish people’s organization through building awareness, socio-economic advancement, gender equality and women’s empowerment, enabling local resources and facilities including recent e-Government services to rural people.

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